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Community Wildfire Planning

Climate and the Growth Management Act:  The relationship to communities at risk to wildfire


Watch a briefing on the benefits and impacts of HB 1099 – Improving the State’s Climate Response through Update to the Comprehensive Planning Framework.

  • Learn how HB 1099 will address land-use planning in the wildland urban inteface and community resiliency
  • Get overview of the State Legislature website
  • How to take actions to share your support for HB 1099 with your network and elected officials 

Hosted by:  WAFAC and the Washington Environmental Council

Katie Fields, Forests and Communities Program Manager, Washington Conservation Action, shares how comprehensive plans, hazard mitigation plans, and community wildfire protection plans can be integrated with development, climate, and wildfire initiatives – and which counties will be updating these plans.  (HB 1181)