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The Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network partnered with the Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively team and the Nature Conservancy to host a three-part virtual workshop series on how to use social media to effectively connect with your audience and convince them to adopt a desired behavior to take action.

Effectively Using Social Media Resource Guide and Tip Sheet

Part I: Identifying and Reaching Your Audience

Fundamental marketing concepts like audience segmentation, message clarity, and an outcome orientation apply to social media. This virtual workshop is a quick refresher of basic Tools for Engaging Landowners Effectively concepts, with a special focus on how to reach and influence your audiences more effectively via social media.

Part II: Making Your Content Stand Out

There is a lot of competition for our attention online. How can you make your social media content stand out and ensure it reaches your desired audiences? This session will cover best practices for crafting social media content and help you better understand how to tailor your content for different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and use paid advertising.

Part III: Social Media and Your Communication Strategy

Now that you have an understanding of your audiences and how to tailor content effectively for social media, we’ll bring it all together in a fun practice session. We’ll use some real-world scenarios to add context through tangible examples related to network members’ work. These thought exercises will help you understand why social media matters and how it can fit your unique communications needs.