Hard-working people, focused on fire

Step outside in Washington, and you are likely standing on a landscape shaped by fire. Topography, vegetation and weather—they all shift how fire behaves. But what doesn’t shift is the attachment—to our place, to each other, and to the gifts, challenges and responsibilities that wildfire brings to Washington.



We are curious and motivated to learn from the expieriences of others.  We take time to listen, because in our Network, listening leads to action.

This mindset brings energy to the room, emboldens quieter voices, and jump starts a movement to better live with fire.  

We are committed to the process and work to balance immedite needs with long-term objectives for community resilience.


Here is some of what WAFAC has accomplished together.


YOUR work


What have you and your partners accomplished together? What kind of ‘hot topics’ are driving your conversations and catalyzing action in your community? Who inspires you most with their smarts, creativity and technical expertise?