Actively engaging with wildfire is a way of life that Washington must re-learn, and refine. We experimented with trying to eliminate fire for the last 100 years, but the hard truth is Washington and wildfire are inseparable. Add in pressures from climate change and more people living in fire-prone areas, and the situation gets especially critical.

Our Network embraces this complicated reality and connects over fire. We talk and learn with purpose, because no one is coming to save us. It’s our job to include wildfire in a future that works for Washington.

our communities

Movers and shakers from all walks of life are at our table, dissecting ideas and dedicating humanpower. Together, we are having frank, open conversations about adapting to wildfire in Washington, from location-specific challenges to big-picture sticking points. Our members are mining the lessons of the past, and re-purposing them in smart, new ways to benefit their local communities, and the common good.

“WAFAC has brought a spark of life to our nonprofit, CAFÉ. Since joining the network, CAFE has engaged over 50 Latinx members in this work, will be starting a third cohort, worked with the City of Wenatchee on a proclamation, is starting a Map Your Neighborhood Program, and is currently working with partners to launch a Wildfire Ready Neighbors Campaign. This would not have been possible without the support from the many partners that we have met through the WAFAC Learning Network.”

“Relationships are at the core of the WAFAC Learning Network. They have connected us to partnerships and solutions for fire adaptation that are real, innovative, and specific to our community.”

“WAFAC members and local partners inspired us to take action. By thinning and removing vegetation from 50 acres around our homes, we’ve increased the odds of our community surviving a wildfire.”

“WAFAC brings together partners from different backgrounds to experiment with ideas, share, and learn. Fire adaptation is never finished, and we are allies for the long haul.”

“WAFAC taught me almost everything I know around this topic, from defensible space to how to word my fuels reduction event advertising to how to do a home assessment. For our work in Washington there is no other entity making sure that practitioners have a well-rounded set of tools to serve their communities like WAFAC.”

“Without the assistance of WAFAC our community would not be as advanced as we are on our work plan to reduce the risk of wildfire.”

“WAFAC has helped my focus on my role and encouraged me to engage partners in roles I cannot fill. Instead of taking it all on myself, I have built a local network from concepts I learned about at the state level of WAFAC.”

Our Washington


Invest in grassroots initiatives.


We invest in smart, local initiatives that represent Washington’s culture of personal responsibility and geographic diversity, and can be modified, scaled and replicated across the state.

Turn hard truths into opportunities.


We accept our interconnectedness with wildfire and are dedicated to creating a “new normal” that works better for people, industry and landscapes.

Respect loss by thinking ahead.


We honor the hardship and loss of communities recovering from wildfire with continual learning, practical strategies, and a recognition that fire hurts, fire helps, and fire will return.

Tear down walls and create allies.


We bring diverse collaborators together to generate fresh ideas and a cohort of trusted faces to call on before, during and after the fire.

Nationally aligned and locally driven.


We align our state with national directives for resilient landscapes, effective response and fire adapted communities, while always acknowledging that Washington is unique, and uniquely capable.



Fire impacts people and places and forges bonds, in striking and unusual ways. What has fire shown you and taught you? What have you lived through? Who did fire bring into your life? We want to hear your stories, Washington.