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Insurance and wildfires impact everyone. The good news is that your regular homeowners, renters, and business insurance plans typically include coverage for both fire and smoke damage caused by wildfires. However, it is crucial to take preventative measures to lower the risk of falling victim to a wildfire and understand your insurance policy and rights. Even though insurance can provide some reassurance, it cannot replace priceless family possessions and unique items.

Understanding and reviewing your insurance policy is a critical step to wildfire preparedness and recovery.


before the fire

Here are a few resources developed in partnership with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) to integrate into your community wildfire preparedness and recovery planning efforts.  These tools provide an overview of:

  • The role of the OIC in supporting wildfire preparedness and recovery efforts.
  • How the OIC can help support consumers who can be or have been affected by wildfires.
  • Options for insurance coverage.
  • Current trends in the industry.
Please feel free to print and share the following resources with residents in your community.


after the fire

Insurance claims and clean-up after a wildfire can be a daunting and overwhelming process for those affected. A wildfire is a natural disaster that can cause significant damage to homes, properties, and personal belongings. As a result, insurance claims are necessary to help individuals and families recover from this devastation.

  1. After a wildfire, homeowners may need to file an insurance claim for damages caused by the fire.
  2. Insurance companies will send adjusters to assess the extent of the damage and determine coverage for clean-up and repairs.
  3. It is important for homeowners to document all damages and provide evidence to support their claim.
  4. Depending on the insurance policy, clean-up and restoration costs may be covered, including debris removal, smoke damage, and rebuilding structures.
  5. It is crucial for homeowners to understand their insurance coverage and to communicate with their insurance company throughout the clean-up process to ensure timely and accurate compensation for the damages.



Facilitation and Training Resources

  1. Use the sample agenda to provide a framework for community discussions. The resources listed can be used to develop content for presentations, increase understanding of the subject, and shared with event participants.
  2. Enter information unique to your place into the presentation. General talking points and presenter notes are provided for each topic.
  3. Incorporate the videos into presentations and share them with event participants.

The sample agenda and presentation templates are available in English and Spanish.

Please feel free to download, use, and adapt the resources to fit your needs.